• Chainlink Labs

  • Solutions Engineer

    • Worldwide

    • $80,000  -  $100,000 / year

    • Full-time
    • 3-Nov-2021

    Job Description

    As a Solutions Engineer, you will lead integrations with partners working on the Chainlink platform and build relationships with the founding engineers. You will be working with new use-cases beyond price feeds to enable projects requiring data from the Chainlink network. You will work with external team’s engineers to define, implement, and support products which will allow blockchain technology to take over multiple industries.
    Your Impact

    • Interface with leadership, customers, users, and the community to implement seamless integrations to allow for the exponential growth of the network
    • Lead application-specific integrations with Chainlink
    • Provide support for integrating partners making use of Chainlink
    • Develop best practices and documentation to scale integrations


    • 2+ years of professional experience working in a product-driven environment
    • Experience in TypeScript or JavaScript; otherwise experience in Solidity and a willingness to learn
    • Resourceful developer and fast learner continually striving to discover more environments
    • Ability to write and communicate effectively
    • Eagerness to work openly and collaboratively with a diverse team
    • Interest in blockchain and other Web 3.0 technologies
    • Comfort and/or experience working as a remote employee as a part of a distributed team

    Our Stack

    At Chainlink Labs, we’re committed to the key operating principles of ownership, focus, and open dialogue. We practice complete ownership, where everyone goes the extra mile to own outcomes into success. We understand that unflinching focus is a superpower and is how we channel our activity into technological achievements for the benefit of our entire ecosystem. We embrace open dialogue and critical feedback to arrive at an accurate and truthful picture of reality that promotes both personal and organizational growth.

    About Chainlink Labs

    This role is location agnostic anywhere in the world, but we ask that you overlap some working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment.

    Job Stats

    Reached : 130 People Applied : 18 Candidates