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Senior Mobile Product Designer

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We believe that speech recognition and machine learning will transform how people learn English. We're building this future now: software that can understand what a student is saying, give them immediate feedback, and guide them towards fluency, all on their phone. 

Currently, almost nobody learning English gets to fluency because doing so is expensive, arduous, often embarrassing, and requires human tutoring at hourly rates. We believe that by using AI and technology to replace much of the human involvement in the English learning process, we'll be able to help hundreds of millions of people gain fluency in English who otherwise wouldn't be able to learn.

Speak is one of the fastest growing language learning apps in the world, in large part because of our novel speaking-centric approach!

About this role

We're looking for someone to come on as Speak's first designer. This is a very special step for the company because all design has been CEO-driven until this point. We're looking for a strong generalist designer who has extensive mobile design experience to take ownership over all things design at Speak. 

As a consumer app that involves many novel interactions across voice, audio, and video we're looking for a senior designer who thrives on designing new paradigms. This is a key role that will have enormous impact on the future of our company. 

What you'll do

  • Work with the CEO to prioritize and spec out new features to build
  • Design new features all the way from concept to finalized pixels (UX, UI, and everything in between)
  • Help support miscellaneous design work across the company as needed
  • Hand off and work directly with our engineers and other team members

What we're looking for

  • You have deep experience designing for native mobile
  • You have experience working on a small design team and "doing it all" (UX, UI and everything in between)
  • You're a clear communicator and enjoy cross functional work
  • You've invested in your craft and have experience with things like prototyping, micro-interactions, utilizing motion, and creating design palettes
  • You have a good understanding of what's technically possible on iOS, Android, and the mobile browser


  • Experience or interest in learning a second language
  • Experience designing audio or speaking experiences
  • Experience designing a subscription or content app

❤️ Why work on design at Speak?

  1. Join a fantastic, tight-knit team at the right time: we're growing super quickly, we just raised our Series A from some of the top investors in the valley, and we've achieved product-market fit. You'd join at a magical time when a single person could significantly change the course of the company.
  2. Do your best design work: if you care about building novel experiences on mobile, we genuinely believe Speak is one of the best places to design. Voice is the future of mobile design but still nascent and underdeveloped. Help pioneer the design patterns of the future!
  3. Full ownership: you'll have full ownership over your work at Speak. Pick the projects you think will have the highest impact.
  4. Global in nature: We're live in South Korea and launching Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish soon. Talk to users in each of these regions on a regular basis with plenty of opportunity to travel.
  5. Impact people's lives in a major way: In the age of the internet, being able to speak English is a truly life-changing skill that opens up the world — in fact for most people, it's more valuable than an entire university education. Speak is the first way to truly gain conversational fluency without needing to move to an English speaking country or spend tons of time and money on tutors.