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Job type: Full-time

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At Pawprint, founded in 2019, we work to empower people to fight climate change through the Pawprint app, helping users to measure, understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Pawprint team is a group of like-minded individuals, hell-bent on giving people the power to do their bit for the planet. We have set a key objective of driving the reduction of 100,000 tons of CO2e across all our clients. But (spoiler alert) we’re human. Which means, much like everyone, we're not perfect and we’ve done our fair share of carbon-expensive stuff, and probably will again in the future. And that’s okay.

Pawprint isn’t about guilt trips, it’s about making incremental steps towards living a lower carbon lifestyle. Whether those are small, big, or massive steps, we’re simply excited to walk with you on the journey.

We want to hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Of course, this is the right thing to do, but above that we know it will help us build a stronger team and a better product. If we’re going to beat climate change, we need people from all walks of life on our side.

Role description:

We are looking for someone who can help us to ensure our Pawprint app stays top-quality release after release, by bringing our testing suites and CI/CD pipelines to the next level. As QA & Automation Engineer, you will work closely with our tech teams to promote and implement testing with a strong automation mindset. If something is done manually, we will entrust you with the task and the time to automate it. We work with several cloud services and open source technologies; this is an excellent opportunity to challenge yourself with a modern, relevant tech stack.

For this role we are looking for a seniority profile ranging from mid-level to senior. What we value the most is your familiarity with our tech stack and your ability and willingness to learn fast what you don’t know.

The job is remote, but we also have a nice office in Edinburgh in case you fancy that and live close enough. Please note that, in any case, you must be based in the UK.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Implementing and maintaining our testing suites covering frontend, backend, API testing and system configuration
  • Identifying areas of improvement in our release processes to spot defects as early as possible and minimise the amount of bug friction at release time
  • Developing further our CI/CD pipelines supporting testing and release
  • Working closely with our tech teams, following DevOps best practices and researching new technologies and methodologies to ensure a stellar user experience for our clients across devices and platforms


Essential experience:

  • E2E testing frameworks such as Cypress, Playwright, Jest; we value strength with testing frameworks in general and your ability to choose the right one for the job
  • API testing tools such as Postman, SoapUI… or even cURL with jq if that is what you are truly a master of!
  • Linux and Docker containers; our applications, pipelines and testing stages all run in containers
  • CI/CD systems and pipelines-as-code; we use Gitlab-CI, but we are happy to consider strong transferable knowledge from other CI/CD systems such as Jenkins
  • Writing scripts with Python or another suitable programming language for automation; you will want to be comfortable with Git

Desirable experience:

  • Familiarity with Web Apps technologies is welcome; our stack includes React, PHP symfony and PostgreSQL
  • Mobile app testing for our Progressive Web Application
  • Infrastructure testing; Test Kitchen, Testinfra, Serverspec, Goss, or other tools to validate correctness of system configuration
  • Load testing; JMeter, Apache Bench or other instruments to assess application performance under load
  • Infrastructure and application automation tools such as Ansible
  • Amazon Web Services experience; if you have used Lambda functions, AWS Config or application testing services such as AWS Device Farm we are very interested to hear from you

Strongly beneficial:

  • GitHub/GitLab profile with examples of your work
  • A genuine desire to learn what you don’t know, and to research and experiment with new services and tools
  • Even though this is not a developer role, you might benefit from being able to read application code and follow its logic
  • A passion for Linux and an open-source oriented mindset; we have a Linux-based tech environment and we strive to adopt open source software rather than closed counterparts


  • Competitive salary depending on your level of experience
  • 32 days holiday – and we will make you take it. Burnout is not big or clever.
  • Additional day off on your birthday (or nearest working day)
  • Limitless challenge and scope for development. You are joining us at a very exciting time and have the opportunity to take this role in your preferred direction as we grow.
  • As much of our time as you need. Your professional growth is important to us.
  • Work from anywhere in the UK. Our Tech team is primarily remote-working. We also have an office in Edinburgh.
  • Spending decisions based on value, not cost. We have a hugely important and urgent mission, supportive investors and a high quality team - no false economies here.
  • Working on something that matters - addressing climate change is the world's biggest problem


Other Information:

For further information and an initial confidential discussion please contact Susie Walker on or 07950 581197.

Before you apply, please check if any restrictions apply in terms of time zone or country.

To the best of our knowledge this position has no geo-restriction.