• TokenTax

  • Product Designer

    • Worldwide

    • $-- / year

    • Full-time
    • 7-Jul-2021

    Job Description

    ​​We’re looking for a talented product designer who is excited about the future of finance and cryptocurrency. We’re especially excited about product designers with a strong focus on problem first design, user research through qualitative and quantitative methods, and a strong focus on their visual craft. You will work directly with TokenTax’s co-founder.

    ​Product Design

    • ​​Take an active and leading role in design, from concept to completion.
    • ​​You thrive in the often-messy process of ideation, testing hypotheses, gathering feedback, synthesizing inputs, iterating, and being decisive in making a decision and testing in the real world. You don't let perfection get in the way of shipping and learning.
    • ​​Identify the problem, define goals, test hypotheses and prototype options, customer research, hand off and collaborate with engineers
    • ​​Know when simple vs. clever designs are most effective.
    • ​​Facilitate design reviews to gather feedback.​​

    ​Customer Research

    • ​​Synthesize and incorporate feedback from research into product and design. Turn customer feedback into actionable changes.
    • ​​​Collaborate multi-functionally with all team members, across engineering, accounting, marketing, and product
    • ​​This is an IC role, not management, at least initially.

    ​About you

    • ​​You have at least 3-7 years of professional experience developing production-quality product.
    • ​​You are high velocity designer, with a bias towards action. You are always exploring different options, and getting feedback from customers and team. You are Curious and experiment-driven, rather than tied to the first solution you come up with.
    • ​​You are highly organized (follow through, collecting feedback, and acting on it) and methodical. You are skilled at synthesizing inputs from founders, customers, and peers, and continuing to move the product forward.
    • ​​You know which topics are important to debate and focus on.
    • ​​You are a fan/user of cryptocurrency
    • ​​You enjoy being a generalist, ready to learn and build with the right tools for each problem. You focus on the problem, rather than on the tool.
    • ​​You have a founder mentality. You have a bias towards action, especially when faced with open-ended problems. You are highly autonomous, but thrive with collaboration with a team.
    • ​​You are a life-long learner. You are humble, excited about feedback, and constantly looking to improve.
    • ​​Clarity of communication is important to you, both spoken and written.
    • ​​You are highly empathetic to teammates, customers – everyone.
    • ​​You love working with and learning from teammates across functions.
    • ​​You enjoy thinking about tradeoffs, and being decisive in making decisions and moving forward without full information.

    ​Why you might be excited about us

    • ​​We've hit an inflection point with product-market fit. We have passionate, paying customers, and are scaling quickly.
    • ​​Our cross-functional team is uniquely suited to solve this problem. Titles are fluid, when everyone contributes to solving a problem in their unique ways.
    • ​​The types of product and engineering problems we're solving have both breadth and depth, and for several different personas.
    • ​​We invest in the personal and professional growth of every team member.
    • ​​Equity in a high growth company
    • ​​Unlimited time off policy, and work-life balance.​


    • ​​Remote ok (preferably EST timezone, but +-3 okay)
    • ​​Full time preferred (can be part time to start)

    Job Stats

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