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Optimization Designer/Strategist

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Job Description

Well, well, well... look at you checking us out. ? We're glad you're here! ?

Ever wonder how your websites can translate to dollars for your clients? Curious about the data and psychology behind the web pages you create? Are you excited about joining a team where your combined creative and analytical skills have a direct impact to the overall growth of the company?

Here are some fun facts about KB:

  • We're extremely transparent
  • We love feedback (Good? or Bad?)
  • We want you to thrive and grow
  • We like to P.A.R.T.Y. (more on that later)
  • We're expanding!! New offices in Raleigh, Austin and a super secret European office (being announced in the next month)?

Culture is a big reason why people choose to work with us. We're the type of company that loves putting people first, helping them get better, and make sure they're always set up for success. All while having a good time!

Check us out on the gram, YouTube & Glassdoor. (that 4.9 rating tho ?.)

Here's what our CRO experts do:

  • KB Fundamentals Training Course - this will teach you everything you need to know to get started and be successful in CRO.
  • While onboarding, you will be assisting the current team of Designers in creating design assets and getting your feet wet.
  • Assets include, Landing Pages (desktop & mobile), image ad creation for various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing). Coming up with A/B testing variant ideas to increase conversion rates.
  • Once you're ready to roll, we will start building up your own book of clients. You will be working alongside Account Managers to develop strategies for your clients.
  • You'll create amazing testable ideas, user experiences, and designs for a wide range of user, business, and marketing goals.
  • You'll use a variety of qualitative and quantitative analysis techniques to continuously improve the user experience and make critical design decisions.
  • You'll help to deliver improved results to client accounts using best practices learned in the Fundamentals Course as well as additional research for landing page testing

Here's what we want in a CRO expert:

  • You have great soft skills - fun, likable, and detail-oriented.
  • You (P)ush yourself, your (A)ccountable, your (R)esilient, your (T)ransparent and know how to focus on (Y)ourself!
  • You have experience with web/digital design (websites, UI/UX, landing pages, image ads, etc.)
  • You're familiar with Figma, Sketch, Or The Adobe Creative Suite to build out creative assets.
  • You have a mind for excellent User Experience design, plus an interest in business strategy and analytical insight.
  • You have Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Knowledge - Not required however it is a plus.
  • You have previous client-facing experience. You have solid communication and soft skills - being able to confidently communicate the reasons behind your creative decisions to team members or clients.
  • You have great time management skills. You have a good foothold of your time and manage it efficiently. You have the ability to set and hit realistic deadlines for important client-facing tasks
  • You're a continuous learner - You like to keep up to date with trends and further your knowledge in the responsibilities you are given.
  • You're personable, fun, and have a healthy sense of humor. (The KlientBoost family is a fun social group of “professionals”!)

Don't forget about the PERKS!

  • Salary 40K-58K depending on experience - open for discussion
  • Catered Lunch FriYAYs - ?, ? ,? and so much more
  • Drinks and snacks of your choosing
  • WeWork office perks (drinks, parties, random breakfasts)
  • 401K (5% match) ? + Benefits (100% covered health, vision, dental and life)
  • Unlimited PTO ?
  • Work from home options
  • Milestone celebrations (check out our Trip to Hawaii on the vlog)
  • Gym memberships (Choose a gym you like and KB will foot the bill)
  • Health and Fitness challenges (check out our Spartan vlogs)
  • Company Trivia - with lots of prizes
  • Monthly massages
  • Up to $1K a year on conferences/education
  • Tons of room for growth

Still Interested? Awesome!

Here's what we promise you:

  • We have a lot of fun.
  • We want to build something we're proud of and making good money is a great side effect.
  • We value friendship and relationships and want to pursue future business ideas together.
  • We're a team that trusts each other and loves working together.
  • We're looking for an amazing person to be part of our squad so that we can join the local basketball league with 5 players, and dunk on people (we didn't do so well last season).
  • Sorta kidding about that last part, but we are looking for someone amazing (but seriously, if you can dunk, don't hesitate to mention that).
  • So if you've made it this far, then you should definitely apply right now.

*In person position only, no remote options.

*Basic background check required

Okay stop reading - Please apply. ?