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Lead Engineer - REACTjs

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We are hiring a Lead Engineer for our Shop team.

Lead technical decisions not people, ensuring we build a beautifully engineered product that people love. Full remote role, EU Based, up to 100k depending on your experience and location.

You will be an expert in building products in React.js, and happy to work on a PHP & AWS stack. You are great at making decisions around architecture, scalability and product.

  • You are responsible for the technical side of our shop solutions - drive the architecture and technical evolution of it.
  • You mentor junior team members to achieve technical excellence (you spread your technical knowledge, but do not manage the people).
  • You act as a counterpart for product managers to ensure selected features and product improvements are feasible to implement.
  • You are responsible for the operating of the product in production, own monitoring, know and handle all performance bottlenecks.

In particular, you develop our new shop based on React.js, own our older solution written in PHP, define the refactoring roadmaps of older solution to bring it into the new React.js stack. Together with other Lead engineers you will contribute to our engineering vision and define the tech strategy.

We want to ensure we build the best e-commerce solution in the photography market. The GotPhoto SaaS platform helps school photographers streamline their workflow and ensure that they can easily manage large photo shoots and print amazing products their customers want. Our culture is one of a positive business model, with the mindset we create winners. Photographers, parents, schools and labs are better off when using our software.

Your mission, make an amazing product through making better technical decisions. You will be key in developing and implementing great modern engineering practices with the team, delivering well-written, tested and factored code, shipping to production at high frequency. You will be supported by great managers, work with a caring team and be given the autonomy you need to grow.