• Arithmix, Inc.

  • Head of Design

    • Worldwide

    • $-- / year

    • Full-time
    • 7-Jul-2021

    Job Description

    Head of Design (UI/UX Leadership, Hands-on - PLG, b2b for SME, No-code/BI/Planning/OLAP bonus) 

    Arithmix is looking for a Head of Design to join our senior management team as the companies design leader. With a deep understanding of UI/UX design principles and the desire for hands-on creation of visual design, we're looking for someone to lead the design process and help us deliver an exceptional user experience across the entire business.

    Experience in team leadership, cloud data application/platform development, and b2b for SME / Product Led Growth, a huge bonus.

    Arithmix was founded because we know there's untapped potential in your numbers - potential that gets unlocked when everyone in the team understands what these numbers are showing them. With Arithmix, anyone can build the ideal app to run their numbers, unite their team, and make the perfect moves together. If you're doing that with old-school software or abusing a spreadsheet or want to unleash your planning brilliance, Arithmix is a better, easier way. 

    We have recently secured funding allowing us to take our startup through its next phase of growth. Our culture continues to be agile/startup-based, and we are committed to ensuring a healthy working environment and work/life balance for all team members. We want you to love your work.

    Job Stats

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