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Head Managing Instructor

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Job Description

What We’re Looking For:

This role manages a team of Head Program Instructors across an allocated portfolio of short courses. Their primary objective is to oversee the quality of course delivery, ensuring students are offered an authentic University Partner experience. This includes monitoring the performance of the Head Program Instructors assigned to the courses in the allocated portfolio, and that of the team assigned to the courses assigned to the incumbent as Head Program Instructor.

Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Team Recruitment

  • Review bios and Skills Alignment Assessment results for all new Associate Instructors and/or Assessors for the assigned course(s), and complete the hiring recommendation report for the Academic Recruitment team to action

Team Coaching & Management

  • Manage a team of Head Program Instructors across multiple courses within the allocated portfolio
  • Provide peer coaching to the Head Program Instructor within the allocated portfolio as and when required
  • Review the performance of the Head Program Instructor within the allocated portfolio with a view to talent creation for future presentations, or other courses
  • Review the performance, and / or service delivery of the employees and/or independent contractors assigned to the courses for which the incumbent acts as Head Program Instructor
  • Develop a community of practice linked with the portfolio’s subject matter to grow an understanding of adult learning pedagogy
  • Engage self learning by ensuring a culture and ethos of support and challenge.

Program Reviews & Evaluations

  • Review content across multiple courses, including those to which the incumbent has been assigned as Head Program Instructor, within a portfolio in preparation for/keeping with the Production Team’s Review & Evaluation process

Program Delivery

  • Fulfill the role of Head Program Instructor for specified courses (this could be any course for which the incumbent meets the UP approved profile requirements)

Subject Matter Artefacts

  • Generate relevant artefacts for the Market Research department for which the incumbent is deemed a subject matter expert

Things That Should Be In Your Background:

  • A minimum of 3 year’s experience delivering online education
  • A minimum of 10 year’s business experience in a field relevant for the subject matter covered in all the assigned courses
  • A masters degree in a relevant field
  • Experience in managing a team of professionals
  • Experience with relevant software, e.g. Google Suite, Moodle