• BoxBox

  • Fullstack Senior Software Engineer, Admin Experience at Box

    • Worldwide

    • $55,000  -  $100,000 / year

    • Full-time
    • 10-Nov-2021

    Job Description

    Box is growing fast. Real fast. Every business in the world is looking to modernize the way they work. As the leader in cloud content management, Box helps enterprises transform how people work together. We have the power to help our customers upload faster, be more creative, and get work done more efficiently. Every code iteration makes an impact, and together we will change the world.

    In order to transform the way people and organizations work, we need to rapidly bring to market new products and features. Box is a lot more than just file storage, syncing, and sharing. Our product offers many features to companies that enable them to trust Box with their most sensitive content and make them productive within and outside their organization. In turn, Box Engineering needs to rapidly build critical business delivering applications that can power those products and features at scale.

    Our Fullstack Engineering organization is made up of many different teams that you can join. Whether you enjoy working on building new tools and APIs to help users get their work done faster, or have a passion for building out enterprise products and features that are able to handle complex use-cases in a robust and easy-to-use way, well help find the right team for you and what youre interested in doing. As a whole, we have big ambitions and truly value impact, as well as tackling huge problems if this excites you, then come join us!

    Were looking for engineers who are passionate about owning and driving projects end-to-end, collaborating with stakeholders across the business, and delivering a delightful experience to our customers.

    About Box Admin Experience

    • Every product built at Box is built on top of the framework developed by the Admin Experience team
    • Admin Experience is a unique team with both internal and external facing codes.
    • Great customer-facing code can entice customers to keep using our products and this can increase revenues. Meanwhile, great internal tools can streamline the work of our co-workers, then we can also increase profits.
    • Admin Experiences is a foundational team that partners with all of Boxs product engineering teams to create a consistent, top-of-the-line customer experience.
    • It is responsible for creating the shared components and frameworks used in our various products and workflows and also develops the interface that allows the enterprises to manage their Box instance.
    • The team is looking for a strong backend engineer to become one of their lead developers but is also interested in giving the opportunity to those with additional background in frontend to further develop their skills and become full-stack experts.

    What youll do

    • Get to work with cutting-edge technologies that are defining the future of the cloud
    • Team up with other engineers to foster solid engineering principles and represent our engineering values
    • Utilize both your technical and relational skills to lead large scale projects to completion
    • Collaborate, influence, and drive for improvement across scrum teams
    • Develop and own high-quality code across all levels of the stack UI, backend-for-frontends, microservices from investigation to implementation to testing to release
    • Model solid engineering practices around architectural design, testability, scalability, and maintainability
    • Work with modern technologies and frameworks such as React, Node.js, Java, Docker, and Kubernetes
    • Partner with product managers, designers, and other cross-functional stakeholders to align on requirements and understand how your work will impact the business
    • Architect and implement new features and be a key contributor to the technical roadmap
    • Have great visibility and impact across all of Engineering

    Who you are

    • Passionate about solving hard problems using data-driven solutions
    • You like to be an owner and strive to do work youre proud of, both technically and in your team interactions
    • Inspire other people to work with you, and enjoy mentoring, coaching, and learning from other engineers
    • Understand the importance of balancing security, performance, and usability
    • Passionate about building delightful customer-facing experiences.
    • Excitement toward web architectures, spanning front-end and back-end layers
    • Experience decomposing monolithic applications into service oriented architectures
    • Deep understanding of algorithms, data structures and software design
    • Knowledge of any modern object-oriented or functional programming language, such as: Java, Scala, PHP, JavaScript, React Node.js, etc
    • 5+ years of experience, with a Bachelors Degree (in CS) or equivalent
    • Remote friendly

    Job Stats

    Reached : 148 People Applied : 67 Candidates