• Articulate

  • Full-Stack Software Engineer – React, Ruby on Rails at Articulate

    • Worldwide

    • $70,000  -  $100,000 / year

    • Full-time
    • 10-Nov-2021

    Job Description

    Title: Full-Stack Software Engineer React/Ruby on Rails

    Location: Anywhere in US

    • Articulate is looking for a Full-Stack Software Engineer. We re makers. We believe the job of a development team is more than just writing code. We are here to create experiences which delight our customers that is always our top priority.
    • We re a fully distributed company with a high degree of autonomy and no office space. At Articulate, you ll work closely with an awesome team of developers and designers to build industry-leading products and solve interesting problems.
    • We need someone to join our MarkOps Team, helping us build beautiful and accessible customer facing, marketing-driven websites.
    • The ideal person for this job is a multi-talented Full-Stack Software Engineer with a good eye.
    • This person sweats the details, focuses on quality results instead of effort, and sees problems as opportunities to learn and level up as a team. Solid GIF skills and emojis game are big bonuses.

    What you’ll do:

    • Work collaboratively with a distributed team of developers and testers to craft web solutions that help market our products effectively
    • Be responsible for making effective use of your time. We don t care about butts in seats, but we do care about quality work.
    • Create solutions that are as clear as possible, built with empathy for the future engineers who will pick up your code, and for current team members who will be immediately affected by your changes.
    • Sweat the details and care a lot about the quality of work you produce.
    • Review other developers code with empathy and compassion, and participate in pair programming, feature demos, and engineering talks that help create a healthy and empathetic engineering culture.
    • Take part in a rotating on-call schedule (less than one week per month).

    What you should have:

    • Proficiency with Ruby On Rails, React, JavaScript, (S)CSS
    • Familiarity with responsive design, SEO, and accessibility concerns
    • Experience integrating with a variety of external 3rd party services
    • Exposure to content management systems, WordPress, AWS, Marketo, Salesforce, or Okta are a plus
    • Decent GitHub and Slack chops
    • Strong communication skills

    You have read our human-centered organization framework and are in sync with it 100%.

    About Articulate

    We empower employees to thrive by fostering a culture of autonomy, productivity, and respect. We re all free to exercise our crafts the best way we know how to reach our goals as individuals and teams. Each and every one of us is focused on producing results that directly impact the company s success. And we all strive to do what s right by people, both internally and externally, instead of taking the shortest route to the highest profits.

    We honor people s humanity in all of our disparate experiences and social locations, accepting each person as an individual with a story worth listening to and honoring. We believe that honoring everyone s humanity means being committed to equity and justice. We welcome different voices and viewpoints and do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical and/or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender status, age, sexual orientation, and military or veteran status, or any other basis protected by law. We are an equal opportunity employer and invite applicants to voluntarily disclose their race and gender on our application form to help us create a diverse company. This voluntarily disclosed information will not be shared with any hiring manager and will be kept in confidence by the Articulate human resources department and executives who are not hiring for this position.

    Job Stats

    Reached : 137 People Applied : 49 Candidates