• Mimo

  • Curriculum Owner at Mimo

    • Worldwide

    • $80,000  -  $100,000 / year

    • Full-time
    • 11-Nov-2021

    Job Description

    Weve been hard at work building a web development curriculum to help learners gain the needed skills and experience for their first job as a developer. To help us continue building an effective and enjoyable learning experience, were looking to add a new Curriculum Owner to our team.

    If youre excited to embark on a new adventure at the intersection of instructional design, web development, and online education, this is your opportunity to join us and help shape the future of computer science education.

    Your responsibilities

    • Create effective, engaging, and enjoyable instructional content for our web development path
    • Work with members of the Curriculum Team to design, build, and publish new content based on a release schedule
    • Execute our design and development processes, adhering to our learning model and standards
    • Research and contextualize critical concepts in existing and new content areas
    • Build relationships with teams across the organization to better understand and address the needs of our learners


    Your traits

    • 1+ years of experience designing and creating instructional materials, preferably for adult online learning
    • 2+ years of web development experience, including familiarity with the following technologies:
      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JavaScript
      • React.js
      • Single Page Applications
      • REST APIs
      • Node.js
      • Express.js.
      • SQL
      • GIT
    • A keen sense of how to break down complex problems and ideas, communicating them clearly and succinctly to best reach their target audience
    • Effective collaboration and communication skills to work with multiple contributors on a project
    • Experience managing project schedules, setting and achieving realistic deadlines consistently
    • Ability to give and receive constructive feedback while embracing a growth mindset

    Anytime, from anywhere:

    At Mimo, we have flexible working hours and theres no overtime. We have a physical location in Vienna, Austria, but are also spread over the world and have a remote-first policy. So no matter how you like to work, youll fit in with us. Youll join a diverse, multicultural team with regular team activities, retreats, and many perks for fun and personal or professional development.

    Your annual salary will range from 41k to 51k, depending on your experience level and if you want to have an equity stake in Mimo, and will automatically increase by at least 5% every year.

    If changing peoples lives through learning to code is the next step in your journey, wed love to hear from you!

    Job Stats

    Reached : 154 People Applied : 102 Candidates