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Enterprise & Investigative Writer – Everyday Health

Job Description

The Opportunity

MedPage Today is hiring an enterprise & investigative reporter to write must-read stories for our audience of physicians and healthcare professionals. Our growing enterprise & investigative team digs deep to uncover the stories that are important to our readers, often involving waste and greed in healthcare, the corporatization of medicine, and overuse that leads to patient harm.

We’re looking for a passionate reporter who is always on the lookout for compelling stories. You’ll write 2 to 3 stories per week, ranging from quick-hit news and scoops to feature stories – while also working on long-term, team-based investigative projects.

You’ll have a few years of experience in health and medical journalism and will know how to write for an audience of professionals. You’ll have some sources but will be ready to build out your contacts list. You’ll pitch ideas on a regular basis and work with our clinical beat reporters to find specialty-based stories. Most importantly, you’ll care deeply about the issues that matter to clinicians and you’ll be highly motivated to bring them to light.

The work of our enterprise & investigative team builds on MedPage Today’s stellar reputation as the go-to source for the latest clinical news. Healthcare professionals know they can count on us for accurate, detailed reporting on the latest science from medical journals as well as healthcare policy that will impact their practice. Our team’s stories now shine a spotlight on other issues that clinicians encounter during the workday, helping them feel more engaged in their profession and providing a means to influence its trajectory.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop enterprise story ideas for dailies, features & investigative projects
  • Write 2 to 3 stories per week
  • Understand which stories will resonate with healthcare professional audience
  • Develop sources to find promising story leads & share your stories with their networks
  • Promote your work & that of the enterprise team on social media
  • Interact with our beat reporters to find enterprise stories

Job Qualifications

  • About 2 years’ experience in health/medical journalism, but the right beginner will be considered
  • A deep understanding of how to read clinical studies
  • A solid understanding of key health policy issues
  • Previous experience on an enterprise/investigative team a plus

Our Culture

We love collaboration, always desire to understand the business problem we’re solving, push decisions down as low as possible, and want to further our culture of innovation and experimentation. We created our values together, to embody both our audience goals and our workplace aspirations: to promote diversity and create opportunities; to be authentic; to enable wellness; to ignite passion and reimagine possibilities; to be results driven with a bias toward action; and to inspire connectedness.

About Everyday Health

At Everyday Health Group, a division of J2 Global®, we work in a culture of collaboration and welcome those who desire to join our growing global community. We believe in careers versus jobs and people versus employees. We seek enthusiastic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for an environment that rewards your best work.

Everyday Health offers competitive salaries in addition to robust health and wellness focused benefits including medical, dental, vision, life and disability benefits; Flexible Spending accounts, 401(k) with company match, an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Pregnancy and Parental leave,

Job Stats

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