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Staff writer

Job Description

As a mission-driven company, we put people before profits. That means paying generous salaries, closing the office over the holidays, giving employees flexibility to take care of their family, and much more. We’ve also pledged 50% of our profits and equity to non-profit projects that fight climate change.

Here are a few other reasons our team members love working here:

  • Growth opportunities: We believe in promoting from within, which means the sky’s the limit in this role. As a staff writer, you’ll be encouraged to learn about our clients and contribute cross-functionally. If you spot opportunities to expand your role, we want to hear about them.
  • Flexibility: We’re a team that believes family and life come before work. If you can hit your goals, we don’t care when you show up to work or if you need to take an afternoon off to take care of your kid. We measure results, not hours worked.
  • An inclusive culture that values diversity: We’re committed to building a diverse team where people feel welcome no matter their gender, race, sexuality or religious beliefs.
  • We work with the best of the best: Our customers are some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. And our small customer community is full of some of the smartest marketers in the industry.
  • This ain’t our first rodeo: Oftentimes, working for a startup means growing pains and immature first-time managers. We’re a team of experienced, professional people who believe in treating each other well.
  • Autonomy: We believe in setting ambitious goals and then trusting our team to achieve them. That means no micro-management or pointless meetings. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people can thrive and do their best work.

Write compelling and actionable content for our clients

  • Produce the written content for digital books, survey reports, blog articles, podcast scripts, video scripts, ghostwriting projects, and more.
  • Revise content based on feedback from internal editors and client stakeholders.
  • Work on multiple projects concurrently, prioritize workload, and deliver drafts on time.
  • Track your time on a per-project basis to help us understand which projects are profitable and which require more writing time than estimated.

Find experts whose voices can elevate content

  • Identify and reach out to potential interview subjects whose experience and expertise can strengthen and/or provide the basis for a piece of content.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews with subject-matter experts, including clients, customers of clients, and external sources you find on your own.
  • Bring an element of journalism to traditional content marketing.

Become one of our own internal experts

  • Acquire a working knowledge about our customers and their specific markets.
  • Meet with clients to discuss projects, provide updates, and build rapport.
  • Learn our house style and be able to adapt it to meet clients’ needs.
  • Contribute to internal process improvements; bring a fresh perspective and suggest new ways of doing things that will help us improve.

Generate revenue as one of the faces of the company

  • Develop original concepts to be pitched to existing clients, and document any other story concepts or ideas that arise from research, interviews, etc.
  • Identify interviewees who may develop into future clients and pass them off to the sales team; as one of the faces of the company, you’ll often be a prospect’s entry point into our sales funnel.

Edit and collaborate on other writing projects

  • Work with the Editorial Manager (EM) to edit and workshop articles, eBooks, podcast scripts, and any other written work that comes our way.
  • Learn to coach and guide freelance writers in the Campfire Labs house style while being coached by the EM at the same time.
  • Manage client-writer communications through the editing process on any projects under your supervision.
  • Edit articles (in times of work overflow) from the EM or when they are personally or professionally satisfying for you to take on.
  • Pursue a growth opportunity into the editing side of the Editorial team while still being a writer at heart.

What we’re looking for

  • Strong writing skills as demonstrated by samples and a (paid) test assignment.
  • Ability to write a large volume of content on a consistent basis.
  • Ability to be nimble and shift voice on a client-by-client, project-by-project basis.
  • Confident editing skills with a desire to grow and be coached.
  • Familiarity with AP style and basic copyediting standards.
  • Experience writing content in a B2B SaaS setting.
  • General understanding of B2B marketing strategy and best practices, including how content marketing fits into the funnel.
  • Genuine interest in learning about marketing, sales and B2B SaaS products.
  • Experience writing in one or more of the following areas: sales, marketing, SaaS, management, leadership, ghostwriting, and/or thought leadership
  • Project management and organizational skills and familiarity with related tools (Google Docs, Asana, Slack)
  • Interested in narrative-driven content and pairing elements of journalism (e.g. interviewing, storytelling) with traditional content marketing
  • Comfortable identifying subject-matter experts and other thought leaders, reaching out to them via email and interviewing them.
  • Comfortable receiving feedback from editors and clients; willing to make necessary changes in order to improve a piece and/or satisfy client needs.
  • Experience giving kind and constructive feedback in a creative setting.
  • Proactive mindset, with the ability to work autonomously to develop content and drive projects to completion.

Other details and how to apply


  • Remote


  • We pay competitive salaries based on market rates in your geography.


  • Unlimited vacation
  • A $3,600 USD per year health care stipend to spend on anything you want
  • A generous profit share

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