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Senior Data Reporter

Job Description

Stacker is hiring full-time senior data reporters for our growing Studio business. We are looking for journalists with 5+ years of experience who can step in to brainstorm and produce the data analysis that forms the foundation of our stories.

Who we are

Our newsroom focuses on creating and distributing engaging, research-based journalism to thousands of news outlets across the country. Today, Stacker stories are consumed by over 5 million readers each month, both on and our partner network of world-class news outlets including Newsweek, MSN, Hearst, Tribune Publishing, and Lee Enterprises.

Our Studio business represents a new model for producing deeply-researched journalism for a massive audience—all in a financially-sustainable manner that allows us to bootstrap our business and avoid the hamster wheel of media venture capital. We work with 30+ mission-driven brands (like Shelf Engine, UpCounsel, and StudySoup) to fund journalism across topics including food sustainability, healthcare, real estate, business services, and more—sending these stories at no-cost to our network of 1,000+ news organizations.

By aligning brand funding with important coverage areas but ultimately maintaining editorial independence for the story itself—we’re building a sustainable business model while helping partner news organizations deliver engaging, journalistically-sound coverage to their communities.

What this role entails

You’ll be part of our Studio research team, which is responsible for brainstorming story topics, analyzing data and constructing journalistically-sound story approaches, and producing the baseline assets for each story (i.e. core analysis, ranking, data viz)

Our newsroom is set up a little differently than most, with the data team responsible for producing the initial analysis and story framework which is then passed off to our editorial team to bring to life with contextual written copy and photos. For example, for a story on the fastest-growing real estate markets, the research team would analyze Zillow data and produce the ranked list of cities, and the editorial team would then write about each city and add imagery.

As a data reporter on the Studio team, you’ll be focused on:

  • Producing 12-15 stories per month that align with brand partner topics and resonate with our publishing network
  • Leading brainstorming for your core coverage areas; sourcing new datasets to power compelling stories
  • Expanding our storytelling into new formats and research angles (i.e. automated local series, data viz, investigative features)


What we look for in a candidate:

  • 5+ years of experience in data storytelling in a newsroom or equivalent
  • Strong news judgment built on a broad knowledge base and the ability to research and analyze data across a range of sources and topics
  • Advanced data analysis skills, spanning tools like advanced Excel/Google Sheets (vlookup, index/match, nested IF statements, Pivot tables), Python/pandas/Jupyter notebook, R, or MySQL
  • Fluency in Tableau, Flourish, Datawrapper, or comparable softwares to turn data into interactive graphics; bonus points for experience with JavaScript, D3, or comparable languages/libraries for creating custom visualizations
  • A track record of innovation and bias to action: you step into roles and improve processes or implement new ideas effectively


What it’s like to work at Stacker

From Day 1 at Stacker, you will be able to own your career growth and create impactful stories that reach millions of readers.

Stacker’s remote team of 25 full-time employees puts an emphasis on autonomy and bias-to-action within a role paired with a skills development and cross-team collaboration to empower each member of Stacker to carve out a career that aligns their talents and passions with our business needs.

We work to foster a culture of personal and career development, effective remote work systems, and team bonding through team standards:

  • All-company in-person Summits 2x/year to bond and align on strategy and monthly team Expos to share wins/tactics
  • Monthly virtual social events (cooking classes, games, happy hours) and new hire lunches
  • Weekly manager 1-1s focused on resolving blockers/frustrations to success and personal development
  • StackerU continuous learning curriculum, including monthly speaker series, skills and subject matter training, calendar of journalism and media events, and news and magazine subscriptions
  • $250 annual learning stipend with additional funding available for key skills trainings and conference
  • Quarterly goal setting, six-month performance reviews, and monthly engagement surveys (via Lattice Employee Engagement Software)

Benefits at Stacker include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Fully Remote Team
  • Full Health & Dental Coverage
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401k Matching
  • Weekly Meal Expense

Application Process:

To apply, please include the following:

  • Resume
  • Answer to why you’d like to work at Stacker and what makes you an ideal candidate
  • Link to the published works you produced or edited that you’re most proud of (and align with what our storytelling is/should be moving towards)

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