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Full Stack Engineer

Job Description

Currently not accepting applicants from the state of Colorado


Navigator unifies the various technological tools and resources available to the Wheelhouse team and clients. These range from data visualization/dashboards to health monitoring and reporting – with much more in progress.


  • In this role you will be responsible for the Navigator platform, adding functionality to existing features, developing new features, maintaining platform stability, and any fixes along the way. Our team of client-facing engineers will be available to assist and contribute when possible, but this role will be the primary product engineer.
  • As a full stack developer, you should be well versed in the entire development lifecycle with a an eye for turning wireframes and mockups into effective user experiences.
  • You will need to collaborate with internal stakeholders, designers, and data experts to develop functionality that best fits the user’s need, and iterate in an agile manner.

Technical Skills


  • React.js (3+ years)
  • Competency: Translating wireframes and designs into high performance, high quality web applications.
    • State Management
    • Routing
    • Responsive
    • UI Framework of choice
    • JWT/Authentication flows
  • Node.js API Development (3+ years)
    • Competency: Developing, deploying, and maintaining APIs to link views to data sources and persistence layer endpoints
    • Graph APIs or REST APIs
    • RDBMS Backed
  • SQL (1+ years)
    • Competency: Querying and structuring data for API consumption
    • PostgreSQL Preferred
  • CSS (2+ years)
    • Competency: Applying CSS to React applications effectively
  • Git (3+ years)
    • Competency: Strong source control flow and pull request discipline
    • GitHub preferred


  • AWS
    • S3, Lambda, EC2 or ECS, CloudWatch, API Gateway
  • Security
    • Familiarity with encryption approaches and best practices
    • SSL Termination & Certificate Management
    • Encryption at rest (KMS)
    • Client side security
  • Webpack/Bower/Grunt
  • Docker
  • Mocha/Jest

Extra Credit:

  • DevOps
    • Terraform
    • AWS CodePipeline
  • Relational Database Architecture
  • Test Driven Development
  • AWS Cloud Architecture
  • Shell scripting

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