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Senior Devops/BackEnd Engineer

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Engineer to join our global team in a full-time role with proven skills in DevOps and backend development. This role will report directly to our CTO.

We are flexible on location as long as you are able to join a few mandatory meetings a week.

In this role you will work closely with the engineering team to build and improve Nodle infrastructure and creating and maintaining documentation, writing tests for back-end code and quality development.

Code Repositories will be asked for upon application.


  • Architect, Design, Develop and Deploy the infrastructure to support the biggest crowd sourced IoT network
  • Architect and build highly scalable databases able to ingest a real-time stream of gigabytes of data per day and capable of querying over billions of data points across several dimensions in a performant manner
  • Build monitoring tools and making sure there are no downtime
  • Design and implement disaster recovery strategies

Helpful Skills and Experience:

  • 4+ years of software engineering experience
  • Strong programming knowledge with Golang/Python.
  • Experience with cloud service providers such as GCP or AWS (Compute Engine, Cloud PubSub, CloudBuild, etc.), Experience with Elastic Search is a plus!
  • Proficient Knowledge of relational and non-relational database (PostgreSQL, Redis, BigTable)
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tooling
  • Successful track record of developing middleware solutions, with a strong focus on code quality, unit testing, integration testing, code quality analysis tools and API documentation.
  • Experience with Java/Kotlin is a plus.

More on the Kind of People You’ll Work With:

We are a tenacious and altruistic team with shared values. We value creativity, autonomy, passion for what we do and personal and professional evolution. We support one another as we know the importance of our work and that as we continue working together we will accomplish all goals we set for us. We don’t enjoy micro-managing or worrying if our peers will help us when needed. We work hard, we respect one another, meet deadlines and enjoy each others’ company.

More on Nodle and How it Works:

Manufacturers or operators of electronic devices utilize the Nodle Network to collect valuable data and connect their remote devices to the Internet, and many are benefiting from it today. The Nodle Network is currently being used by Fortune 500 companies to locate their assets. The range of applications in asset tracking can go from consumer tracking devices, to Bluetooth tags that can locate pallets, goods, vehicles, and parcels. Every smartphone owner has the opportunity to participate. All that is required is a smartphone and a mobile application. No special investment, knowledge, or skill is necessary. Once a user has joined the community and their mobile application has launched, they can automatically participate in the Nodle Network.

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