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Back-end developer (Laravel - PHP)

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Job Description

Tooly is a good match for you if :

  • The images of our technology stack speak to you: (For this post ignore the front-end stack!)
  • You're a bit of a geek, like us. See our team:
  • You like to be up to date in the tech you use. We are already in Php8, Laravel 8.
  • Microservices and multi-tenant architectures are no secret to you. API first it says!
  • You have initiative. You don't like to wait for the long decision-making process of a big company. You want to make a difference quickly.
  • You want to break into the international market eventually. Tooly works with people in Russia, Australia, Tunisia, Madagascar, France, India, etc.
  • You would like to learn from many things. We are currently 9 developers. You would be the 10th!

Tasks description :

  • Work remotely, as part of a team
  • Understand and develop to written requirements.
  • Interpret additional requirements from wireframe as well as be able to work off verbal instruction.
  • Write clean, readable, and performant code.
  • Accomplish project deliverables while staying within the Laravel framework.
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack
  • Participate in project analyses and estimates
  • Testing and validating code to ensure that functionality is optimised, robust and secure;

Years of experience :

  • Between 4 to 7 years of professional experience (mainly in PHP - Laravel).
    • (Don't block on this. If you have less or more, we will consider!)

Skills and qualities sought :

  • You need to speak and understand English! Don't worry if you need a little time to get better. We are french, arabic and russian native. We all have accent!
  • Experience in agile development (Scrum, Kanban, etc.);
  • Team player
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • Code to master :
  • Php 8
  • Laravel 8
  • Domain Driven development
  • Microservices architecture
  • GraphQL and RESTful API
  • Backend devOps