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Car Mechanic

Job Description

Required Qualifications

  • ASE certification, plus a minimum 2 years of relevant employment (e.g. motorcycle mechanic or automotive technician)
  • 5 years of employment required if you do not possess an industry license.
  • All Experts are required to pass an identification and professional background verification.

How to start the application process

Feel free to begin the application process here: You will choose the Car’s specialty follow by the relevant sub-specialty.

Commonly Asked questions:

  • Besides oil changes, what else can I do to maintain my 1998 Toyota Camry so that it lasts longer?
  • Why is the valve lifter on a 2007 Silverado pickup truck going bad, even after we just replaced it?
  • Why are the TPMS lights on in my 2008 Honda Odyssey, even though all tire pressure is correct?
  • There’s an engine misfire and a compression of 30 in the cylinder on my 2002 Land Rover Discovery. I’ve taken off the valve cover and see nothing wrong with the springs or rods.

Additional Information:

  • No onsite servicing will be required.
  • No shift schedules or weekly hour commitments required
  • Support team assisting ALL new Experts on our site with training and best practices
  • Mobile App for our on-the-go Expert’s. You’ll be able to answer questions from home or while on the road.

Job Stats

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