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Hiring Remote Product Designer

Job Description

Visitt is a cloud-based SaaS platform with a mission to create operational excellence within commercial and residential real estate properties. Today we create an optimal environment at over 160 projects worldwide and more than 300,000,000 SQFT, collaborating with world-renowned companies like ISS, SODEXO, and CBRE. Visitt’s revolution is a dynamic and active toolset that is tailored to customer needs in order to optimize operations, boost customer retention, and ultimately save $$$. After our successful product launch in 2017 that manifested in revenue, we continue to expand internationally. We are looking for remarkable people to join our team and journey at these exiting times of growth. We are a small & growing start- up with significant options for personal and professional development. We are looking to hire people who are obsessed with Prop-Tech, the idea of introducing technology to new markets (e.g real estate), and are excited about creating excellent operations! The ideal candidate is an experienced designer who’s comfortable working on a range of projects from different fields


In this role you will be working closely with our product team and developers on new features and product design.' work with the product manager on the best UX and UI for the adoption of new features, helping create and evolve Visitt’s design system, comeing up with design and UX improvements and new concepts to enhance activation, retention and new features adoption, researching Visitt’s users behavior through advanced analytics tools, and come up with UX improvement suggestions, researching existing UX and UI solutions in the market and lastly working closely with the marketing team on creating strong marketing collaterals and online marketing materials, from concept to launch.

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