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Engineering Manager, Control Center

Job Description

This position is within the Control Center team. Control Center is the cornerstone of our engineering processes and practices. This team cross-cuts the platform and feature teams - enabling them with tools, processes and frameworks in order to increase quality and throughput - with focus on establishing continuous delivery on every part of our products- as well as creating guidelines and helping other teams defining, implementing and monitoring quality metrics.Control Center is also the reference team for debugging production issues in our cloud environment and crash reports in our macOS application and closes the loop between Customer Support and Platform/Feature teams in solving problems, spotting patterns and improving overall delivery practices.

As an Engineering Manager in the Control Center team you will combine people management skills with your technical background in technical/quality operations and partner with the CTO and the DoE to set a high bar for our release and quality practices. You will be responsible for all aspects of the Control Center team. This team is operational but as its EM you will continue designing and implementing the right processes to make it stronger to continue adapting to the growth Sketch has today. You will continue leading some current projects and if necessary, you will continue hiring some roles to make your team stronger.

Immediately on joining the Control Center team at Sketch, you will target opportunities for high impact improvements in delivery, such as improving CI and build pipelines to increase release cadence, influence and drive other teams in increasing global test automation coverage and implementing quality metrics such as response times, bug trends and regression analysis. Also, you will build close relationships with engineering, product and customer support leaders and help them research, try out options, and make informed decisions.

About you

You are a systems thinker. You keep a high-level view of all the parts involved in delivering a project: the tech stack, the people, the projects, dependencies, trade-offs. You can envision the roadmap for the team, foreseeing the unknowns and preparing the strategy to reach our goals. You encourage collaboration and understanding between all parts involved: product management, designers, engineers and other teams.

You value your team above all, knowing that giving them space for growth, autonomy and ownership will bring the best of us all, contributing to a successful product. You care about their needs and foster an environment of psychological safety.

You will lead by example, be a mentor, and inspire your reports and peers. You will monitor development speed and find the right balance with quality. You will also coach and track the performance of your teams developers and QA analysts.

About Sketch

Were a company of diverse thinkers and doers who take pride in always improving our product. We share a vision and commitment to help each other and our customers create great work.

Weve been fully remote since day one. Its meant we can bring together incredible people from around the world. Youll join over 70 Mac, backend, frontend, QA and infrastructure engineers in the Technology team, based everywhere from Scotland to South Africa, and Lithuania to the US. We encourage our people to be themselves and embrace what makes us unique. We value different backgrounds, perspectives and experience, and we strongly believe this is key to achieving outstanding results.

We work asynchronously as much as we can. Our team communicates mostly in writing, using Slack and GitHub. When we need it, we also have video calls. We have a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and we provide the environment and the tools you need to do your best work.

Essentials for the job

  • Knowledge about software development processes and practices.
  • Hands-on management skills, with coaching and mentoring capabilities.
  • Experience delivering and supporting complex software products.
  • Excellent communication skills and good written and spoken English.
  • Experience managing a team in a remote environment.

We care about your wellbeing and your professional success, so we offer you

  • Full-time employment, with a flexible schedule.
  • International environment and working culture.
  • As many vacation days as you need.
  • Whatever training you need to develop in your job.
  • Private healthcare and gym reimbursements.
  • The hardware you need.
  • The option to work anywhere in European/African timezones.
  • Company equity.
  • Paid family leave.
  • An annual company meetup (when possible).

Even if you're not able to tick all of these boxes, we would still love to hear from you.

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