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UI Designer - Design System

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Job Description

You have experience and knowledge in building scalable systems that promote design consistency and speed of execution. You’ve contributed to systems that have scaled across multiple teams and understand the value of scaling a system across multiple product lines. You are an expert in UI patterns and working efficiently around technical limitations. You understand how to test and validate the creation of new UI components to ensure we are creating forward thinking design decisions and meeting accessibility standards. You have a track record of working with Product Designers and Engineers to promote consistency across various initiatives and assist in the long term design direction.

You’ll dive in headfirst and get to work in your first couple of weeks and continue the development of our design system and build out rich documentation standards the entire team will use. You’ll be tasked with auditing our entire product and prioritizing what components need to be rebuilt, reworked, and what can stay. In your first couple of months you will be one with the design system and be instrumental in helping Trainual build a world class system. You will work closely with our team of designers to ensure UI consistency and standards are met across all product initiatives. 

You’ll work alongside a talented group of product designers, product managers, and engineers; that will challenge you from day one. You have a keen attention to detail and you let nothing get in the way of creating an experience that will forever change how our customers view Trainual. 

What you will own & improve: 

  1. Systems thinking: You're critical in making design decisions that apply holistically, making sure to look at new patterns in context to the larger system of the product, as well as ensuring we support patterns for new product lines and experiences.
  2. Design Facilitation: You’ll work closely with Product Designers and Engineers to provide real-time feedback on the patterns in use. You’re responsible for building and scaling the design system and ensuring consistency across all product lines. You understand when to introduce and use new patterns vs reusing existing.
  3. Systems Documentation:  You will provide descriptive content that sets the tone and outlines what exists in the system. You will provide examples illustrating a component’s named variation, states, the Use Whens, Do’s and Don’ts, and guidelines for visual, interaction, along with error states, and editorial.
  4. Creating together: Facilitating collaboration between product, design, and engineering is key so that we continue to evolve the design system alongside the needs of the product. You’ll manage design system initiatives and run design system meetings to create alignment with peer Product Designers and the various initiatives they are owning.
  5. Accessibility is Key: You are obsessed with Accessibility. You are the first person asking what the contrast ratio is, if alt text exists, and if it is keyboard friendly. You are obsessed with color, and angry at the “Yellow” warning color (for being terrible when it comes to accessibility).
  6. Usability Research: You will conduct research, support usability tests with various Product Designers, data analysis, and monitor user behavior to build usable components. You will test various patterns, components, and other UI elements to ensure the Trainual product leverages best practices.
  7. Systems Maintenance: You understand how to build a scalable system that promotes ease of use and can scale in a changing environment. You have a strong attention to detail and ensure that the systems are up to date and current with all initiatives.
  8. Design Forward: Knowledge of the latest design concepts, emerging technologies, and other developments in the user experience and interface field.
  9. Relationship Management: This job, as with the other roles on a product team,  is an individual contributor role. You will need to be able to influence your teammates, as well as colleagues, stakeholders, and key executives through sound logic and data. You have a data driven approach to design and can always communicate how what you are doing will provide an incredible customer experience our customers will love.

What you already know (or most of it): 

  1. 2+ years of experience working with a Design System at scale across multiple teams. Experience with a Design System across multiple product lines is a plus.
  2. 3+ Years of experience working in a fast paced Lean UX or startup environment in a product design or similar role.
  3. How to establish and promote design guidelines, best practices, and standards across various experiences (Web, iOS, Android, etc.).
  4. Translate layouts using reusable components within a Figma design system
  5. Proficient in providing and receiving real-time constructive feedback to peers on design best practices and suggestions to improve the overall success of the Trainual product.
  6. You have an understanding of atomic design principles and thinking.
  7. You have knowledge of existing Design Systems that you admire, including Material Design, HIG, and a handful of others (Atlassian, Carbon, Tailwind, Shopify, etc.)
  8. How to do the following (UI): UI sketching, branding, color, typography, layouts, design research, animation, UI prototyping, interaction design, visual design, graphic design, micro animations, and prototyping.
  9. Understanding of the following (UX): use case definition, identify user problems, conduct user research, usability testing, prototyping, user modeling, and journey mapping is a plus.
  10. Proficiency with the following design software: Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Sketch, Zeroheight, and Storybook
  11. Understanding of accessibility guidelines (WCAG, ATAG, ADA etc.)
  12. Knowledge of HTML/CSS is a plus, JavaScript and React are a huge plus
  13. How to present your research, designs, or solutions to key stakeholders internally to drive understanding and consensus.

About the Team 

Your ultimate goal is to create intuitive and delightful experiences that will forever shape how our customers leverage the Trainual product and provide an unmatched experience that will ultimately make Trainual the top Business Playbook software in the market.