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Senior Technical Writer – Documentation at Prismaio

Job Description

With funding from top-tier Silicon Valley investors Amplify Partners and Kleiner Perkins we are a small distributed team working on making advanced data infrastructure developed at large tech companies accessible to all developers around the world.

We are focused on bottom-up adoption, and most of our software is open-source. We have a vibrant community on Slack and Github with over 40,000 members on Slack where we regularly engage with the Prisma community.

What would a Senior Technical Writer at Prisma do?

  • As a Senior Technical Writer, you will work closely with the Documentation Lead and develop content that developers will use to learn and make the most out of Prisma.
  • You will do that by acting as a spokesperson and champion for our Documentation, organizing our process, contributing and maintaining our style guide, and collaborating with other Technical Writers on the team to support them.
  • Work will vary across documenting features, writing guides about approaches to access databases effectively to solve specific problems using Prisma, or coming up with code examples that illustrate how developers can be more successful in building their applications.
  • You will also collaborate with Product Managers, Product Designers, Developer Advocates, and Engineers to build an understanding of the initiatives were pursuing, and the kind of learning materials which would make them more impactful.
  • You will be able to work fully remotely, using GitHub and Markdown extensively as writing and collaboration tools.

What are the requirements

We believe that the right person would have the following:

  • Experience in structuring your writing practice by maintaining the team processes and supporting tools, collaborating with other writers and cross-team members, and focusing on lean, modular docs.
  • In-depth understanding of what working with databases involves while building applications.
  • Ability to convey complex technical concepts in a concise way.
  • An instinct for consistent, quality writing, by adopting and evolving a style guide, with peer reviews for all published content.
  • Good understanding and experience working with GitHub for collaboration (pull requests and reviews)
  • 3+ years of proven experience writing about technical topics, whether this be blog posts, specs, or formal employment as a Technical Writer
  • Passion for working closely with developers and other technical contributors

The following would also be super helpful:

  • Hands-on experience building applications or scripts involving a database
  • Ability to build simple prototypes for testing features to better understand how they work (Node.js)
  • Understanding of the JAMstack ecosystem (Next.js, Vercel, Netlify)

Whats it like to work at Prisma?

  • You are likely to be a great fit for the team if you:
  • have an ownership mindset. As part of a small team, youll have an outsize impact on decisions and the way things are executed.
  • stay nimble. As a growing startup, the team and strategy evolve quickly. Be ready to re-calibrate often and stay flexible.
  • be kind and collaborative. Come in ready to share your ideas and listen to feedback.

Remote Work

We are a remote-first organization with an office based in Berlin, Germany. Whether you work remotely, or from the office in Berlin is entirely up to you! We offer generous relocation assistance if you prefer the latter.

Whats in it for you

  • The opportunity to take the lead on key strategic objectives of Prisma and to exercise outsize impact on the overall direction of the organization
  • Competitive compensation including a commensurate Stock Option Package
  • 401K, or similar retirement funding for non-US residents
  • Medical Cover, including Dental and Vision (or equivalent for non-US residents)
  • A generous tech budget to get you all the latest hardware and software that you need
  • Twenty-four days paid time off
  • Herman-Miller ergonomic chair to spruce up your home office

What is the process like?

Our recruitment process roughly follows the structure below:

  • Introductory call with the Talent Acquisition Team
  • First interview with our Documentation Lead
  • Technical Writing Assignment (we provide compensation for this)
  • Second Interview with one of our Technical Writers
  • Final Interview with our VP of Product
  • Offer

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