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Administrative Coordinator at Smart Blogger

Job Description

Are you the kind of person whose eyes light up at the mention of organization and project management?

Do you like flowcharts and making sure processes are followed correctly?

Are you excellent at communicating and coordinating with multiple departments?

Yes on all three? Well then, we might just want to offer you a job.

Behind the scenes, Smart Blogger is developing a new sales team. There is a lot of coordination between departments and between our team and interested prospects.

And if youre the right sort of person, we might be interested in hiring you to coordinate the efforts of our sales team for us. Read on for more details.

Position Summary:

  • This is an administrative position for the sales department.
  • The Sales Coordinator is the switchboard operator for the sales department.
  • You receive all of the incoming applications for students who want to enroll in our classes, collect additional information from them, and then direct them to the right person to talk to. In other words, youll assist our sales team with keeping everything organized and running efficiently behind the scenes.
  • You also continue to monitor their progress, ensuring nobody gets stuck on hold and handoffs between salespeople and coaches (or other departments) go smoothly.
  • Youll need a superb (read obsessive) attention to detail. In other words, youre the type of person who almost never forgets anything.
  • The good news is, we dont expect you to know everything from day one. It helps if you have experience with CRM systems, but mostly were looking for the right mindset.
  • Someone whos meticulous, with excellent communication skills. Someone who can handle complexity but understands the power of simplicity too. Someone who is so extremely careful others might describe you as paranoid sometimes!

Also, did we mention you can work from home? Youll be expected to keep regular hours and stay in touch with the rest of the team, but theres no commute to the office, dress code, or parking spaces. Its an entirely remote position.

Note: In addition to the skills and experience described below, you must have a steady, verifiable work history. If you havent recently held a position for at least two years or are unable to provide references for any job held in the last 5 years, please do not apply.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Review writing samples (according to guidelines you will be provided) to ensure all prospects have the writing skills to succeed in Kickstart
  • When a students writing sample isnt up to our standards yet, you politely redirect them to resources that can help them and cancel the appointment
  • Initiate automated text and email campaigns inside Active Campaign to generate additional appointments for the sales team (these are already built, they just need to be triggered)
  • Monitor automated text and email campaigns to make sure prospects are proceeding through them without problems
  • Generate reports from Active Campaign showing the inflow of new prospects and share these reports with the sales manager
  • Generate reports from Just Call to show the text and phone call activity of the sales team
  • After enrolling, introduce students to their new coach and follow up to make sure they have access to everything
  • Store and organize agreements with students on Google Drive

Typical day-to-day tasks you will be required to do:

  • Request writing samples from potential students, upload to Google Drive, and add a link to the deal record
  • Confirm appointments by text message. Reschedule if necessary.
  • Review the status of potential students on a daily basis to ensure they are in the right stage and have notes and next actions
  • Creating the necessary process documentation for sales team processes to keep the team apprised of how things run in the sales department.
  • Reviewing and responding to help desk tickets our customer support team flags as needing special attention from the sales team

Position Requirements:

  • The ability to read spreadsheets, perform calculations, and update data to keep the team accurately informed
  • Superb or even obsessive attention to detail youre the type of person who almost never forgets anything
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A stable and calm home office with an excellent Internet connection
  • Effective self-management (i.e., you can stay productive at home with nobody watching you)
  • Proficiency with the following toolsets:
    • Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
    • Basic HTML
  • A conscientious attitude and excellent attention to detail in other words, you understand that sometimes you do need to sweat the small stuff!
  • Recent experience with Active Campaign and Infusionsoft (or equivalent full-featured CRM systems)

Beneficial but not required:

  • Basic understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Basic understanding of email service providers
  • Familiarity with Smart Blogger classes

Compensation & Benefits:

Salary: $40,000 per year (based on experience).
Benefits: Paid Vacation, Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance (U.S. based applicants only), Paid Company Holidays, and Workers Compensation (U.S. based applicants only).

Our Company

And we have an amazing team to support them. Our culture is friendly and supportive with almost no drama and an extremely low turnover rate.

Its partly because of the following core values:

  1. We believe perfectionism can be a good thing. Not the indulgent kind where you obsess over trivial details, but taking the extra time to get it right when it matters most, of being so good at what you do it leaves people awestruck.
  2. We believe we can be even more productive at home than at an office. Sure, nobody is watching over our shoulders to see if were productive, but they dont have to. We get so much done theres absolutely no doubt we are staying on task. And yes, pajamas are totally a productivity enhancer.
  3. We believe flexibility is a two-way street. Yes, we have the freedom to adjust our schedule whenever theres not a meeting, but were also available when a teammate runs into a problem or theres an urgent issue, even when its not during our normal hours.
  4. We believe in peace and quiet. No politics, no drama, no needless meetings, no distracting our teammates. Instead, we create a space where everyone can focus, and in that space, we do the deep work that really matters.
  5. We believe in doing whats right for our customers, even when its painful. Sometimes that means offering a refund when its against policy, giving them a bit of free coaching, or referring them to another company that can serve them better. It may not be convenient, it may not be profitable, but its right, and thats all that matters.

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