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Back Office Manager at Prisma

Job Description

We are led by two repeat founders whose most recent venture was bought by Google in one of its most expensive acquisitions to date. We are a well and self-funded, mission-driven company focused on scalable and sustainable growth.

What the role is

We’re looking for someone who is experienced with bookkeeping and HR to fully manage the bookkeeping, human resources and back office business aspects of our startup. This is a part-time contractor role that may become a full-time position as we grow.

What you will do

  • Fully own bookkeeping for a high-growth startup with revenue and employees in several US states as well as internationally
  • Ensure compliance with state-specific tax filing and employer requirements
  • Manage employee payroll, 1099 contractor pay and employee benefit plan
  • Develop HR processes and manage Prisma HR for our small team
  • Manage other business back office needs, such as insurance

Who the ideal candidate is

You are:

  • Well versed in managing all aspects of corporate financial books for a company that operates in several US states and, ideally, also internationally
  • Capable of ensuring compliance with and managing state-specific reporting and tax filing requirements, including in collaboration with a corporate tax firm
  • Experienced in managing employee payroll and benefits as well as 1099 contractor pay and vendor invoices
  • Well versed in human resources requirements to ensure compliance with federal and state-specific regulations for employers
  • Experienced in managing other back-end business needs, such as selecting appropriate insurance
  • Attuned to detail and highly ethical in financial management
  • Passionate about making a positive impact on humanity through education

Beyond possessing these skills, if you also exude these traits, we want to talk with you!

  • Gutsy: Unafraid to speak up, take risks and think differently
  • Humble: Quick to give credit and slow to pass blame
  • Can-do: Optimistic, bring solutions, not problems, and always find a way
  • Team player: Care about, respect, help, and speak candidly with others
  • Driven: Go above and beyond to achieve our mission

How we compensate

  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible work schedule (compatible with US-based working hours)
  • Work from anywhere in the world
  • As we grow, this part-time contractor role has the potential to develop into a full-time salaried position

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